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The Old Song And Dance


How I Met Your Mother, with its triple-threat solid cast, can hold its own in the acting and comedy arena as much as the old song and dance. Though they don’t so much reimagine classic Hollywood as produce their own twist on parodies and original material, calling out current events and themes.

TV Line, at the beginning of the show’s seventh season, put together a small list of the show’s top ten best song-and-dance moments. Glee moments, if you will. While I sat counting backwards, thinking, they had more than ten?, I think it’s appropriate on the crest of Harmonize’s rising popularity to take a look back at the numbers slotted into show-time history. 

Their list includes: 

10. Cast rendition of the How I Met Your Mother Theme Song

9. Dirty Dancing with Barney

8. Super Date

7. Barney’s Naughty Holiday Songs

6. “Stand By Me” feat. Barney and James Stinson

5. Best Night Ever

4. “Sandcastles In The Sand” and “Two Beavers are Better Than One”

3. You Just Got Slapped

2. Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit

1. Let’s Go To The Mall

 Personally, your blogger might have shifted parts of the list. Perhaps I’m a bit nostalgic for Dirty Dancing, but time aside, the Barney rendition could have jumped a few spots higher. And maybe a little spread for the Robin Sparkles videos? I love Robin Sparkles, and you love Robin Sparkles, but three songs in the top four seems excessive. How about swapping Sandcastles in the Sand with Stand By Me, the touching duo making canon hall of fame in the whole series? 

But then, these are just my own two cents—what are your opinions? Does Barney’s presence on the list seem overdone, or just right? Were some songs gipped? And where would the Robin Daggers song find its place on the top ten?


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