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The Apartment Above MacLeran's


Quick, name the significance of MacLeran’s Irish pub.

No, I’m not thinking about the 50-reasons-to-have-sex napkin.

One How I Met Your Mother newbie realized the entire five-part main cast lived in “The Apartment” Lily and Marshall now share, the one previously espoused by Ted, then Robin. Let’s break down the cast and what they spent their hours (seasons) achieving in the two-bedroom-two-bathroom suite.

Ted Mosby: The Apartment’s front-runner and renter for the first seven seasons. His original roommates, if you care to think back, were Lily and Marshall pre-engagement, back when Lily taught kindergarten and Marshall still studied law. The Intervention came to show how The Apartment earned its marks of toil and triumph over the years, arguably making the place as fitting into the main plotline as Rachel and Monica’s in F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
Ted moved out of The Apartment, leaving it to Lilly and Marshall, in season seven, episode eighteen.

Lily and Marshall Eriksen: Ted, Lily and Marshall met during their college years, regrouping and sharing the space when they left school to pursue their life’s passions. Once Lily and Marshall married, however, they went back and forth on a new Apartment for them and their budding brood, only to find their kitschy home was here to stay. Ted afforded them the home in Karma, after he’d made peace with all his sentiments of girlfriends past, and they still live there to this episode.

Robin Scherbatsky: Robin took the spot of renter from Lily and Marshall once they moved during season 4, staying through to season 7. While her tastes in dates changed—Ted had quite the time trying to figure out what to do with Robin’s room when she moved on to date Barney—we’ll never forget the Blue French Horn, the dozen yellow umbrella’s, nor the forty-deal. Keep in mind Ted is 52 at the series’ start. 

Barney’s slept in The Apartment a grand total of three times: twice in the bathroom and once during Blitzgiving. Way to be the bro, Stinson.


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