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Just Be Cool, Please, Once!


Robin feels like she needs to meet in the middle with Barney’s quirkier habits, and  Marshall feels like he needs to keep Lily from developing some of her own. Meanwhile, Ted’s rooted to the couch for Woodworthy Manor, the show’s parody of our very own BBC smash hit, Downton Abbey. Or so I assume.

Don’t you dare reach for that dresser vase. Time for the recap.

When Robin “persuades” Barney to sell his Fortress, she books the apartment for an open house and divulges for our viewers many of Barney’s patent-pending inventions. They may not be strict selling points, but Barney’s convinced they give his home unique class—like the commitment-triggered fire alarm, the green-screen balcony, or the BMI-testing doormat.  
Then again, I did only say Barney’s convinced.

Surprisingly, by the end of the episode, even Robin defended the manor’s projection “Fortress of Solitude” floating head. Some change is great, but she discovered Barney might have been pushed to his limit of change by even getting engaged in the first place. The bachelor pad earns another occupant for now. And I don’t merely mean the bed(s). 

In the meantime, Marshall vies with the Captain for Lily’s time of day. After one too many nights called out of Woodworthy Manor, Marshall agrees to seek revenge for her lack of balance and go peruse Barney’s apartment with Ted, posing as husbands looking for a buy. If that weren’t pretentious enough, Lily capes onto her wardrobe throughout the episode, parodying the Upper East art-buying lifestyle with just a touch of social justice elbow-prodding. Hold the applause until after the episode ladies and gentlemen.

Once again, the show ended with a nightcap and a mopey Mosby. Although I do commend his efforts to stop dating and settle down!
When he’s not personifying a turn-of-the-century cricket player whom secretly hates his life, that is.


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