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Fans Talk: Let Her Off The Plane


Literally, fans talked. Or, screamed, is more apt. At their TV sets.

“Was anyone ever yelling at their tv's "Let her off the plane!!!" or is that just me?”
--YouTube user oscar007999

The Last One, part two of ten-season dramedy F.R.I.E.N.D.S finale, practically had fans shouting and leaping off their couches over the news the show had to end—how scandalous! Though the episodes held our rapt attention with more than a few loose ends yet; the most anticipated being Rachel and Ross’ relationship. Would they part ways, and seas, forever? Or would they find each other another time again, realizing once more they love each other past flaws and timing and…breaks?

Phoebe played a hand in Ross’ reunion—and I don’t mean phalange—chasing Rachel down between JFK and Newark airports. Or, perhaps, I do mean phalange, if an airplane’s ghost-phalange worked well enough as a stall for Rachel and her entire flight’s passengers.

Ross endured Phoebe’s driving to reach Rachel before she left, all to zealously confess his love to the girl of his prom-days dreams. But Rachel, overwhelmed in the face of his assertions, fled for the plane once he finished. Probably the worst cliffhanger I’ve had to endure on the show, not even going to lie. 

“He's her lobster :D”
--YouTube user kamala marahatta

Returning brokenhearted to his apartment, Ross checks his messages and finds a choked-up explanation from Rachel waiting, where she does confess that, in spite of her fear, she really loves him (cue the waterworks). Then, to the fans’ great surprise (and likely their closely-reserved dreams), Rachel has an epiphany mid-message and demands to be let off the plane so she can tell Ross in person. The message cuts off at the last minute.
Now we’ve come full circle to the moment where Ross, you, I, and every other viewer, jumped off their sofas and shouted, “Did she get off the plane!?

That’s when Rachel’s meek voice from the doorway replied, “I got off the plane.”

Best finale ever. Pan-view of the peephole frame included.


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