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Sheldon Cooper: Superhero


T-shirts aside, Sheldon Cooper’s picked an impressive number of costumes and personas over the Big Bang Theory series, for Halloween and New Years and all the occasions in between. But a few curious fans wanted the breakdown of Sheldon’s creative inner-workings in the way of superheroes. Sorry, Doppler-effect followers. We’re breaking out the literal and proverbial capes to take a better look at Sheldon Cooper’s costumes.

First, to get a culture-reference out of the way:

“I’m batman, shh!
--Sheldon Cooper

Said fans recalled this momentous line, where a drugged Sheldon refused to share Penny’s secret with Leonard, and realized Sheldon might have been dressing up all along; Bruce Wayne looks like a normal person, after all.
And it really wouldn’t shock me if a Batman revelation ever became a plot twist. 

As for the rest, we have the what’s and where’s for you. We’re…still debating the why’s, exactly.

Wonder Woman

Less by choice, though it still counts, Sheldon Cooper wielded the lasso of truth, along with his other scientists-turned-femme-fatales, for one episode. When they lose a bowling match-bet with Wil Wheaton, they’re forced to don the costumes and stand in the comic book store. Sheldon might have taken a few notes from the very “empowered” Raj, dressed as Cat Woman. 

The Flash 

Sheldon’s returning favorite first appeared in the series’ inaugural New Years episode. Sheldon plays one of five Justice League members for the comic book store’s annual costume contest, along with Leonard, Howard, Raj, Penny, and Penny’s then-boyfriend, Superman (not really). They win the contest, despite some early awkwardness between Penny and Leonard.
Later, Sheldon hypes up on caffeine for the first time one evening and becomes the Flash once more. Because only the Flash could contain his level of energy and adrenaline.

 I’m not sure yet how good a job it did. To be determined.

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