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The Roommate Adjustment

(Those were the years...)

We all know the Roommate Agreement is a long and heady document, filled with untold atrocities only Leonard Hofstadter can bear. Goodness knows how long it took Sheldon to compile the thing—though perhaps shorter than it’s taken for us to hear it all.

Our filtering takes progress, then. Season six brought one or two additions to the document, a list we’re sure will only extend longer and longer.

Time to get out those pens and fill in the backs of your own Roommate Agreement: we have new clauses for you.  

Roommate Review: Once a year (presumably), Sheldon assesses Leonard's worthiness as a roommate (S6 Ep2).

Sheldon occasionally calls out Leonard’s snark upon the eve of said “roommate review.” I’d hope its once a year. Once a month would seem a little excessive…but then again, this is Sheldon.

“Sheldon, you are not in charge.”
“That’s mighty sassy for a man with a roommate performance review around the corner.”
-- Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper 

Section 27, Paragraph 5: The roommate agreement, like the American flag, cannot touch the ground (S6 Ep15).

On the cusp of Leonard and Sheldon’s recent big fight, Leonard demonstrates he’s had it up to here with the Roommate Agreement and tosses it on the floor. Sheldon, ever defensive of his hard work, cites this clause. Leonard storms out in a huff, but not before making it very clear to Sheldon that he doesn’t really live by his rules.

Although, at the end of the episode, he did move back with his peer university scientist.

“Aw. Here’s what I think of your roommate agreement.”
“You pick that up right now.”
“Roommate agreement, section 27, paragraph 5, the roommate agreement, like the American flag, cannot touch the ground.”
-- Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper...again. 

Good to know you possess exorbitant importance on this country’s flag, Sheldon.

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