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CBS puts themselves on a gender-forward stance and talks about women in the sciences! Leonard, Howard and Sheldon face the task of how to convince more women to approach the career, to which Sheldon suggests sparking them with ambition while they’re young—by way of a middle-school lecture. I like the turn of topic for the program (I definitely noticed the snippet-nods toward video-game female characters), even if it puts the scientists in a socially awkward spot.

By the end of their lecture--and after a few rounds of public-speaking musical chairs (did anyone else know Leonard Hofstadter could rap?)--Sheldon ends up “king of the rock” by contacting the only other female scientists he knows personally to give the middle-schooler’s a heart-to-heart: Cinderella and Snow White.

Didn’t watch the episode? Allow me to explain:

Penny, Amy, and Bernadette, while putting their heads together to come up with a date night idea for Raj, realize they can play hooky the following Friday and skip off to Disneyland. While they had varying work excuse-successes, and a slight scuffle over the crowns they want to cap for their Princess excursion, they ended up each doing what they wanted for their day off at the park. Sans Raj, but he had a good enough time making over as Princesses anyway.

Though Raj didn’t suffer a bad date as a result. He used his caring and attentiveness to craft the perfect date for two socially anxious people: a quiet setting, talking optional. Actually, in some places, talking prohibited. The library picnic went off with aplomb, and Raj very nearly earned a kiss for his efforts. Though viewers should note, a kiss doesn’t have to be a just reward for a job well done, nor should one be required—a smile and thank you does just as well.

Sheldon’s halting words of wisdom for this episode?

“Some people are otters, some people are rocks.”
-- Sheldon Cooper


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