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Written In The Stars


I hope they didn’t air The Pre-Nup as a sign of anything before the season finale.

 The Pre-Nup heralded the autumn of breakups before Robin and Barney’s imminent engagement, when she was still dating Nick, and Barney had another squeeze on his arm. Prior to their marriage, Quinn suffers through one of Barney’s pre-nup drafts--an overall misogynistic idea of what marriage should be--with the help of a lawyer.

When she takes time to think it over, she confides in Robin and Lilly, both of whom were shocked by the story…just in time for Marshall, Ted and Nick to take Barney’s situation into account. When their own relationships fling open dusty closet doors, the autumn of Breakups prepares to claim its first victim.

In a way, I think this episode set the stage for what false, or fledgling, relationships looked like. Examine nearly every relationship to follow: Barney and Robin got together, post-infidelity, and ultimately Barney proposed. Take note, their marriage required no pre-nup. 

We thankfully knew from the start Marshall and Lilly continued joining hands to raise Marvin and set good examples as parents. They’re like the doting teacher’s pet of this series’ relationships.

We only have Ted Mosby left to analyze. He, Hero Ted that he is, had a bit of a stuttery start. Couldn’t quiet get his engine running the first few times (and then accidentally dropped a wrench in the whole works with Jeanette).

As I say, hopefully the network isn’t pulling our chain a bit with the crash-and-burn season highlights. How’s that supposed to reassure us over the nail-biting finale? Never mind we know Ted ends up with the Mother, or that he tells his story to his future children along the way; what does he learn? What other troubles arise? 

At least re-runs usually signal a real whammy of a new episode to follow. Hopefully the episode.   


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