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How To: Your How I Met Your Mother Social


Before we even see the first sign of April Showers, winter brings the nail-biting scope of Awards Season. The other A-S pits our favorite actors, movies, and TV shows against one another; sometimes, comedies we celebrate with equal parts love and T-shirt devotion.

But never fear! Social media networks, internet users, and your very own Cool TV Props trend-watchers have the lowdown on how to party up one night—or every night—in true sitcom spirit. Today’s focus? How I Met Your Mother.
It’s time to suit up.

1.     Invites: What ignites curiosity faster than a black invitation only marked “It’s going to be LEGEN…wait for it…?” You’ll guarantee every curious eye with quotes drawn from Barney’s “Legen…DARY” wit—or with just the command to Suit Up, sit down, and be Awesome.

2.     Location: Your living room. Of course! The first buffer and final call for any gathering of friends, be they six friends or sixteen.

3.     Decorations: Save your money with several, loud items. Need we say it? Or can the likelihood of an invite needed some kind of “INTERVENTION” go unmentioned?

4.     Menu: Keep the food and drinks simple, snack-worthy, and easy to handle. Feeling a little MacLaren’s  inspired? Look up your favorite Irish finger-foods. Whatever you do, just don’t forget the gummy bears—your inner Barney Stinson would be most disappointed.

5.     Attire: Suits. Or, if you left your suits at the drycleaners, gnosh over your favorite Classic Brobib; the diner’s way to suit up and eat up.

6.     Party Favors: Remind every one of your guests post gathering (or award’s show) that they’re worthy of the unique and special, with a Blue French Horn keychain! You didn’t commit felonies to score these, but the message rings true in the best of friends.

7.     The Unexpected: Want to make your guests feel especially honored? Cool TV Props gift-wraps party favors. Just make the request when you order online, today!


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