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Purr Purr Purr


Leonard knew what he was talking about when he said Sheldon would reach for the felines when facing an imminent breakdown. But why the sudden need for companionship? Sure, we could call Sheldon’s version of zany “zazzy,” but there must be something about tabbies he just doesn’t find in dogs. Or people. Humankind.
So what is it about cats? Let’s take a peek at the statistics:

·      Cats are solitary hunters, mostly nocturnal.

Sheldon stalks his enemies at night, by way of LED lighting and a running ROM—or by hunting for all the garbage in Penny’s apartment. Either way, he makes it clear why a companion of the night-variety would be perfect for our scientist.

·      “Cat people” are characteristically 12% more neurotic, though 11% more ‘open’ than “dog people.”

Um. Need I shine a spotlight on how Sheldon Cooper uses his neurotic personality to “openly” point out a person’s every flaw? Not to mention his inclination to discuss every topic, his natural naiveté toward social etiquette—aka what is and isn’t “dinner-table talk.”

·      Cat owners are relatively introverted and “cool,” low in warmth or agreeableness.

If you told Sheldon he’d argue with a rock—and Leonard has—he’d respond, “No I wouldn’t!” Then Mr. Literal would supplement his points on why its feasibly impossible to argue with inanimate objects. 

·      Cats are minimally entertained, very easily bored.

And Sheldon has no issues with letting someone know when he’s had enough of a conversation. Or company. Or a draft that’s two degrees too cold. Sheldon best keeps his own attention…he practically is a cat.

Might we sum up the findings and reach the scientific assessment that Sheldon is somehow an actual cat? It makes so much sense—look at his habits! But then again I doubt that’s the revelations CBS is gearing toward in their upcoming season showstopper. If only.

Until that fateful day, we can only get our heart’s delight via “soft kitty” and “Zazzles.


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