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Fans Rank: Couples


As Valentines grows closer, web-users and other opinioned get louder. Not to speak ill of our dear fans—many just have a more, ah, “heartfelt” opinion of the worldwide holiday. Especially where our sitcoms-turned-romcoms over the last few weeks are concerned.

Between proposals and nuptials and all else in-between, fans have been more, or less, vocal about their favorite on screen couples. Take a look at who comes out on top, and why, in the valentines edition of “fans”:

6. Sheldon and Amy, a.k.a “Shamy”—Big Bang Theory

This boat might currently be rockin’ (and not droppin’), but Sheldon and Amy did find and match each other point for point for all of two years running. Can anyone believe it was so long ago? Fans can’t, and they can’t get enough, especially with last episode’s cliffhanger in contention. 

5. Monica and Chandler—F.R.I.E.N.D.S

My favorite scene from the iconic show happens to be Monica’s bleary-eyed proposal, full of candles and roses and the essence of all that is Valentine. Between Monica’s mothering and Chandler’s quirks, this pair will never say die! 

4. Lilly and Marshall—How I Met Your Mother

The ‘destiny’ might have been as planned as the wedding, but the new parents are anything but spontaneous about their future together; they’re in it for the long haul, and fans over support their endeavor entirely!

3. Leonard and Penny—Big Bang Theory

The one ship to sail them all. Or so says the internet. The “relationship” blossomed over the show’s many seasons and seems to be steamrolling ahead as quickly (if not as surely) as one of Sheldon’s prized trains. All aboard?

2. Barney and Robin—How I Met Your Mother 

Who could have predicted this match from the outset of season 1? We might have been a bit too mother-focused to notice, but now the fiancés have captured our laser-attention. At least, they’ve done the job for me.

1. Ross and Rachel—F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Fans never forget their lobsters, even in lieu of sitcom current events. The ten-year-old show came out on top in the votes of vocal supporters, reminding us all that great relationships, and tried and true love, should be timeless.


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