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Birds of a Feather?


If fashion wins your partner’s heart, check out the readily available T-shirts from the Cool TV Props store! I couldn’t decide between all the items which t-shirts would be best suited for your Valentine’s day—are you a Big Bang Theory nerd? A Barney Broski? Phoebe fan?—until I got a look at the collectable shirts under the F.R.I.E.N.D.S market.

Let’s examine the hilarity.

My personal recommendation goes to the You’re My Lobster t-shirt. Isn’t it adorable? Well-cut and flattering, it looks just right off the shoulders of any F.R.I.E.N.D. The website adds,

“Is it true that lobsters mate for life and in old age go around holding claws? Well, that’s what Phoebe wants you to believe, and it is a good story. Once he sees you in the t-shirt, he just might buy into it.”

Only available at Cool TV Props, the fashion find brings a new level of fandom to the holiday a shopper only finds here!

Though the following option, the next line down, paints an entirely different picture: the We Were On A Break tee. TV Props says,

“Did Ross really cheat on Rachel? Were they actually on a break? Does it matter? Get a cool break t-shirt now and you can avoid explaining yourself.”

I wouldn’t exactly readily recommend this as a Valentine’s gift, unless you take advantage of the following (not the low flat-rate shipping, though I highly recommend that as well): 

Anyone else notice that the former shirt seems cut for women, while the latter shirt seems cut for men? Granted, neither shirt should be restricted to either body type, but come on! Perhaps the credit goes to the line-immortalizers; Phoebe for “lobsters,” and Ross (or was it Rachel?) for “breaks.”

My solution? Buy both! Play into stereotype for one day and make a pair from these t-shirt selections. That way, any Valentines couple can be their own Ross and Rachel. Won’t stop you from getting any less candy.


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