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Pop Quiz: Super Bowl Edition


Not sure if you can stretch the term “bipartisan” all the way to football—that’s a long hundred meters—but coming from one sitting sideline for the commercials, we can’t ignore all the Super Bowl references found in pop culture, no matter which team you stand for. References from, namely, our three favorite shows! 

But rather than list The One After the Super Bowl quotes, or maybe HIMYM Monday Night Football dos and don’ts, it’s time to see how much YOU know.

Tie off your BroBibs, guard your hot wings, and enter the pop quiz: Super Bowl edition.

 Q: Whom does Ross go to visit at the San Diego Zoo, only to find they’ve supposedly “died” (they’re actually shooting films in NYC!)? 

A: Marcel, Ross’ former pet monkey. Workers stole him away for showbiz in The One After the Super Bowl. 

Q: Why does the HIMYM cast avoid hearing the Super Bowl score?

A: They spent the day of the Super Bowl at a bar-worker’s wake, and can’t watch the game the evening of. They agree to blacklist the score until they can watch the recorded game together.

Q: Which actress played Joey’s crazy-stalker fan?

 A: Brooke Shields, whose character thought Joey was actually the soap opera character Dr. Drake Ramoray from Days of Our Lives.

 Q: How does Ted ultimately hear the Super Bowl score early?

A: He—and the rest of the apartment—hear Barney wailing on about how many bets he lost.

Q: Why aren’t there any Big Bang Theory questions?

A: Besides the obvious answer, that there haven’t been specific Big Bang Theory Super Bowl episodes yet, we’ll get enough of the cast when Kaley Cuoco teams up with Toyota in her first Superbowl commercial! Tune into the game and watch her “grant wishes” with the Toyota RAV4.

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