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The Bromocracy


Maybe I’m a little late aboard this train, but because not every How I Met Your Mother fan is as perfect as, say, Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky, I might as well point others like me in the right direction.
Has anyone else checked out the blog of THE “Bro Stinson?” More importantly, has anyone been reading his entries over mine? I mean, come on.

It appears, scrolling through them, he writes his articles from either his tennis-ball-producing office, or from his chaise lounge. (Perhaps donning a certain pair of suitjamas, or a BroBib for a little writing-and-dining?) It seems only fitting coming from our resident broski. His level of casual competence carries over in the very chill, very Barney, blog entries.

Covering the last handful of new episodes on, the articles recap every episode (sounds familiar) from his specific, and unique, point of view. He’ll even reach out to fans to deliberate his next plans of action. Maybe we really do call more shots than we realize.

“Members of the Bromocracy,” he writes in his recent addition, discussing the section of The Bro Code pertaining to “bangable” siblings. Of course, if Barney had his own way, he’d close the Code and not allow any bros to date any sisters ever. Huh…wonder why. Though out of his charitable heart, he put the vote to his enthusiastic (if not blunt) Facebook followers.

His articles also cover the Last Play, meeting the parents, and what ever to do in the case of a low-life jinx. I’d encourage a read to discover the true life and times behind the scenes of Barney Stinson. Also check out The Bro Code, available on Cool TV Props! Look into free worldwide shipping options!

Though if Barney puts up any more amendments, he’ll need to get over here re-edit the book himself.


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