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Awesome Protection


It’s true; How I Met Your Mother has been my most recent preoccupation, with the final episodes drawing closer and closer. But with all the wedding hype, I nearly forgot the most important plot twist of the season!
Well, arguably the most important. Certainly the most important for any other aspiring bro readers out there, and a topic I’ve covered a few times with only the most hopeful avail. 

The Cool TV Props store knows what a fan wants when they see it, and so they bring you—after a much-anticipated wait—the BroBib! Frustrated in the least that the original website didn’t have actual bibs for sale? I was, I wanted to drool in style like Barney Stinson. But Cool TV Props delivered, and they have this to say:

“Brobibs. Bibs, for bros. This isn’t your average dude apron—Brobibs are the convenient catcher any self-respecting gentleman uses dressing up for the day. The Classic design, obviously in three-piece suit attire, helps you “suit up!” while you sit down for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Take one to the dining room and one to the conference room; then bring one along for your co-worker, too.”

The only thing they may not be good for is being the Center of Attention. If you’re not wearing the bib, that is. Robin Scherbatsky found this out the hard way, trying to make Barney jealous surrounded by un-bro-ed peers. Little did she know Barney toted the greatest idea in a century in his briefcase! Now every bro can grab a suit they can drool over, or spill their beer on, or smother in wing sauce.

The point? It’s in style.

The Cool TV Props BroBib comes in the Classic style…of Barney Stinson, that is. Tie look familiar? That’s because it’s among Barney’s most notably worn. You could say its even legen…
No, no, I won’t make that joke yet again.




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