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Don't Answer That


Well. Ted branched out. 

Ted found his current squeeze catching up on his leather-cuff-shopping and discovered in quite a short amount of time he wasn’t into the “hipster” scene. To be fair, you can be young without being young. And when Barney has to tell you pretending to be someone else is “embarrassing,” you’re likely being truly embarrassing.
Until it comes to Star Wars; Star Wars is timeless.

“Nothing about weird poets, or buildings, or any of those e-mails with the weird subject line ‘Food for thought’.”

Barney discovers he can’t live without pursing one night stands during his engagement “detox”—even if it means pursuing hot girls vicariously through Ted. Talk about being a wingman.

Plot twist of the night? In happenstance worthy of Shakespeare, Barney discovers Ted’s love interest is none other than his half-sister. I could see a few resemblances: the blonde hair, the late nights, the obsessiveness. I would have been more worried about Barney’s end-of-the-episode wedding antics if I wasn’t more concerned about his tick-like winking. But I suppose some questions are better left unanswered. 

Robin, as opposed to being someone else for the world, finds that being her current—engaged—self has its cons. In nerd, it makes her “not precious.” Though by the end of the show, she discovers the true ‘glow’ of the whole affair. And I don’t mean the way she sneaks into getting a beer at the bar.

Ted isn’t the only one with leather-cuff success; the cuff’s “bad boy” grandeur has an affect on Lily. At least now they’ve found a way to make their post-baby lives a little more exciting, a refreshing change from other episodes.
Lesson learned: a leather cuff isn’t the only thing that makes a husband sexy to his wife. Or a man to a minor. 


When it came town to it, we saw ourselves an episode where two women couldn’t see the bar, two men had certain—varied—reactions, and I’m one episode closer to Robin and Barney’s long-awaited wedding. 


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