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Fans Talk: Monica Geller



When you think neat, organized, un-spontaneous, frizzy, fun, kind, caring, your mind probably wanders to your more deranged housecat.
Well, stop that, and start thinking about F.R.I.E.N.D.S femme Monica Geller.

Fans dissect the shining qualities, for good or ill, making up the “mother hen” star of the show. Monica and Rachel’s apartment boasts more scenes than any Manhattan layaway for the entire season run, for good reason. Monica hosts and boasts, bends-over-backwards for her friends and loved ones, and sometimes turns heads trying to win table-tennis tournaments.

Let’s take a closer look at our contortionist, shall we?

“Okay, so I’m responsible, I’m organized, but hey, I can be a kook!”
-- Monica Geller

MoniCAN, not MoniCAN’T: a repeated sentiment by an online Facebook fan, says it best. Monica’s can-do attitude pervades her career and love life. Between restaurant-and-stock-hopping (remember her Moondance Diner days?), she plows ahead, the driving force behind her success, with only her gumption and wit behind that wheel.

Monica. She’s pretty, she’s sweet, she’s simply amazing. I just love the Geller’s.”
-- xforeverfangirl.tumblr

Left with her label-maker, Monica organizes and prototypes her friends’ lives and luxuries. F.R.I.E.N.D.S fans catch her cleaning in her sleep, or managing her frizzy curls with cornrows. There isn’t a dilemma she can’t ditch.

Including the patch I can’t ignore, if it can even be called a “dilemma” (we’ll stick with change—it indeed did change), the years the ‘friends’ dubbed: “Fat Monica.” Monica indeed weighed more growing up than her Greenwich self, spurred to change by finally hearing Chandler call her “fat” one Thanksgiving (what IS it with Thanksgivings on sitcom shows?). She cut the weight in one year.
Ironically, in The One That Could Have Been, she ended up with Chandler despite her size. A fitting end for that relationship…no pun intended.

As you can see, writing such a short piece on such a complex, amazing character as Monica hardly does her justice. But the fans know her power and don’t cease to remark on her legacy. She is why fans talk.


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