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"Do you believe in Destiny?"



Speaking of weddings, I could point out that spring is just around the corner, and wedding season will soon be as a-flurry as the flower pollen. Yet, given the year, and the surviving-the-holocaust, every month shows drastic highs for the wedding industry.

Another landmark—more private, special, closer and dearer to my heart—would be the number of “yellow umbrella” requests.

How they’re related? Well, besides the “wedding” part of the connection, being the infamous How I Met Your Mother conclusion, I mean the landmark in a very literal sense. Wise customers don’t simply purchase the trademark parasols to keep their heads dry.
Reportedly, brides-to-be are buying umbrellas in bulk. Say that ten times fast.

Brides and their wedding planners have an eye on the yellow-umbrella for major wedding components: the theme, the reception, and, more creatively, the wedding pictures! It’s such a neat, statement, classic HIMYM nod…I’m wondering why I didn’t think of suggesting it in the first place.

The cute umbrella obviously serves convenient and functional purposes in one’s life; besides the color, the umbrella comes with more explicit quotes pointing to the program, if your friends need the mental shove. As with the “Mother,” it can keep off the rain off your shoulders, and your bass guitar, on some faraway train station.

But for the nuptial nuances, the umbrella makes an adorable theme highlight and cause for photo ops! Picture this: umbrellas propped in a yellow-adorned reception with the flowers, used near the bride and groom’s seating. Or gathered outside with your new beau, posing in your photo-album spreads with the yellow umbrella, symbolizing both union and fate. Or, as would be the case for your excited brides, calling for umbrellas in the ten’s, one umbrella per bridesmaid for bridal party pictures!

 But seriously, how awesome would it be to host a HIMYM themed wedding? I’d call it nothing short of…legendary!


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