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The Wedding



I still wonder if Barney and Robin are literally “uncle” and “aunt”? Time will tell come Ted’s own wedding!

The episode begins, however, with The Wedding. Barney and Robin’s wedding, that is, along with the clash of the wedding planners, Lily and Ted.
I should have assumed an architect would have a knack for color coordinating.

After the engagement, we learn Barney never asked Robin’s father for his daughter’s hand. Turns out, her father transformed from “frightening” to “fun” in his mid (ehem, very late late) life-crisis. It still didn’t make Barney’s asking for permission any easier; even his “fun” hair color didn’t grant him the respect he sought.

The episode’s debatable topic? The Facebook Request. To accept or not to accept a parental Facebook request? Do we want to see what’s behind that “door?”
Robin probably didn’t, how necessary it was. As it turned out, her father—a rather hypocritical one right now, life crisis aside—already married the Carol so responsible for his claim to “fun.”
And here I thought this episode would be fun and light-hearted.

I’ll be honest—a large part of the episode revolved around the same wedding planning woes. I was beginning to wonder.
Or, did, until Ted revealed he didn’t fully support Barney and Robin’s union. As revealed prior to the engagement, for a split second in the car, Ted realized he felt even worse about letting Robin go.

And then Lily let out her frustrations toward parenthood, shooting this episode from funny and quirky, if not blatantly stagnant, to horribly sad and…utterly realistic.
Because you can’t always get what you want, no more than you can always go back and reverse what you started. 

Ultimately, Robin’s father did apologize to Robin for his error, in a manner. A first, evidently, in her lifetime.

And us yellow umbrella-seekers got another sneak-peek of where Ted finally glimpses: The Bass Player, The Wedding Band, and The Yellow Umbrella.
The Mother. 

…Until next Monday.

“Because if Robin and Barney had taken my stupid advice and hired a DJ…I never would have met your mother.”
-- Ted Mosby 


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