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Smurf Turf



As you’ve already noticed from my posting-spree, my eyes are glued on the blue French Horn for this coming February…but not the one hanging in the jazz-restaurant around the corner.

I’d never ask my Valentine to steal establishment décor for my heart, but hey. Everyone has their own idea of romance. One person’s theft is another person’s treasure. For Ted Mosby, the French Horn remained in his and Robins’ possession for quite some time.
And you? You can get a blue French Horn of your very own, for your friend or partner, come February—with no fear of criminal allegation.

I’ve written about the azure instrument before: in the pilot episode of How I Met Your Mother, Ted Mosby presents Robin with the blue French Horn she so admired, having wished for one for her apartment. Ted’s endearing leap at the chance to impress his fair lady this far into the series, however, seemed to me a little forward. In Robin’s shoes, I would have sat little shell-shocked, to say the least.

Though, as I said before, I would never put pressure on you or your Valentine’s Day date to commit a felony. Which is why I bring you, once more, the blue French Horn keychain and ornament! These exact brass replicas of the tried and true instrument come either as a keychain or ornament for your convenience, free for your recipient to keep in their apartment, or on their mantle, without raising too many eyebrows. The perfect gesture to “steal” their heart!

Now, I won’t harp on about Valentine’s Day constantly. I know many of you aren’t fans of the Hallmark, and that’s okay. I only try to ward the holiday’s procrastinators; in no one’s best interest, I’m sure.
Happy gifting!


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