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Teleportation is Problematic


I’m responding again to an article posted by a dedicated Big Bang Theory viewer. No, I don’t spend all my waking hours stalking other articles based around the shows I watch, but their opinions and deductions intrigue me nonetheless. This article, especially, sits as a pro for a recent, though looming, Big Bang Theory debate. 

Big Bang Theory naysayers, out of the woodwork since around 2011, criticize the program for its treatment of facts and “geek culture,” particularly concerning popular cult-classics.
Now, perhaps the writers of the show scrub some World of Warcraft references, or name the wrong episodes of Star Trek when proving points. Or maybe they generalize (as I have) to only the most notable fan-bases, making every quip and quote “WoW” and Trek-centered.
At the end of the day, according to Alvina Lopez, they make very consistent, well-researched points about the core of the characters’ occupations in the show: science!

I’d love to sit and list the engaging article’s highlights, truly, but now I’m curious about validity. Should the show be accurate on all counts, scorned for every mistake, because facts make up a vast majority of the show’s theme and content? Or should the viewers forgive the program’s slights in lieu of the show’s character, the cast themselves, the plotlines, the humor doused in every script, along with the culture references?

My love for the show speaks to my own opinion on the matter, simply because I don’t know enough about the references they plug to know right from wrong. Call me ignorant; I’m there for the comedy and jokes I can understand.
I still wonder, however. How far should the writers go to appease all the fans—dedicated to every comic, video game, and movie they tout—that have so much to say against the series’ accuracy?

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