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My Wife And Kids


Before the end of the year festivities begin and we herald 2013, I thought it’d be prevalent, not to look back into the past with another recap or countdown, but to examine the future our favorite programs may bring!
 Of course, I only have one burning question in mind: who could possibly be “the mother” in How I Met Your Mother?

Though I didn’t just mean the guessable future—I also meant the future we’ve already seen! Glimpses into the life of Dad Mosby and kids, what we know, what we don’t, and what the flash-forwards in the series really tell us about the family to come. 

For instance: children! We knew right off the bat Ted Mosby and “the mother” had two hitherto-unnamed children together, when they asked, of course, how their father met their mother. The question heard ‘round the world.
Fans recognize, be it by taping or by intention, the children don’t change clothes when they are filmed, nor do they move from the couch while Future Ted tells his story. Maybe he wraps up the story faster than the episodes let on? Or else they inherited his (and our) patience.

While they haven’t revealed their given names, there is evidence Ted wanted to name his future-children Luke and Leia off of Star Wars. Here’s hoping (for only some of you) they don’t follow through with those choices!

As for the mother? While I’m sure you all poured over the flash-forwards and notable glimpses (like in the taxi cab) over and over, we’re completely certain of the following:

·      Ted Mosby is married with an infant daughter by 2015.
Ted and “the mother” attended the same St. Patrick’s Day party in Manhattan, but did not meet.
·      The mother is Cindy’s roommate.
Ted meets the mother on the day of a wedding—at Farhampton station, as we all well know, with the yellow umbrella. Could this be Barney and Robin’s wedding?

I can discuss “the mother” fan-theories in another article. For now, here’s to a happy and healthy 2013, as we wave goodbye to a jam-packed (and un-apocalyptic) 2012!

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