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BroBibs: Back for More



You thought I was done talking about Brobibs, huh?
Ahaha…you thought wrong.
How was I supposed to keep How I Met Your Mother out of my mind after the finale? I guess rather than reaching for the suit, I bibbed-up in my anguish and post-holiday lull.

Therefore, we interrupt your fast track to New Year’s with these developments.

An author, “T-Text” from, revealed in their blog entry exactly when the domains for Brobibs and their still-mysterious counter-domain, Dude Aprons, were reserved by CBS: about three months prior to show time. Besides the obvious appreciation for the endeavor, T-Text noted the apparent withdrawal of Dude Aprons from the Brobibs company. In fact, the website explicitly states:

“We are in NO WAY AFFILIATED with Brobibs, or their parent company, Brobibs: A Parent Company.”

The other subsidiaries of “FashionCo,” of which they are apart, include Fung Shu Steel, De-lish! and the Not a Dress, LLC.

I’ve discussed the contempt Dude Aprons seems to save for the Brobibs company and its own extensions, but now I have more questions. Namely, when—if ever—are we going to see real “Dude Aprons?” T-Text wrote off the domain as an added extra, an Easter Egg for the episode. Likely or plausible? Absolutely!

Catering to my needs? Not really.

And is this the first anyone’s heard of “BitchBibs?” Or perhaps I wasn’t being astute that evening (oh, who are we kidding? HIMYM was on…of course I was!).
Evidently, Lily pressed onto Robin the need for a sister-company—literally—of bibs for women. Character-unrelated, a private user scooped up the URL before CBS had the chance to create it’s site…though I’m sure, if they so chose, they could find an additional way to present BitchBibs to their fans.

We’ll see what “Babe Aprons” has to say about that, when the time comes. Here’s hoping!
…Dudette Aprons?

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  • Karl

    Thanks for the mention, love the site. You’d think more fictional TV websites would include actual items ‘for sale’, even if they are fake. But they’re mostly service, social networking, video, that sort of thing.

    The only other one that comes to mind at the moment is, which offers real books based on the fake ones he writes on the show. Very meta. (More at

    If I run across any more I’ll try to remember to pass them along.

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