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The Decoupling Fluxuation


I don’t actually recall recapping this episode in full yet. In the good way, not the UTI way.

Here we see a Penny having second thoughts about Leonard…right? It sounds like she needs a bit of spark in her love life if she’s going to stick with the scientist—or it’s Splitsville again. Not necessarily Leonard’s fault. Penny just might require a little more punch, a little less…physics. Hopefully Leonard can take the hint by the end of the episode.

Now that we know Bernadette and Amy don’t sympathize. And, uh, feel a bit fiery on their own, without her help.

While Howard’s stuck taking care of “meteor showers” in space, and Stewart takes over the Wolowitz role in the scientists’ camp, Amy informs Sheldon about the “decoupling” dilemma. Suddenly, we have another episode where Sheldon struggles with a secret, Penny playing the focus once more.

But when Leonard proves to be “good people,” Sheldon faces additional secret-keeping moral qualms. Especially since Leonard’s one of the few remaining faithful constants Sheldon knows.
Much more stable than the Transformers; literally and figuratively, especially when Sheldon’s using the allegory.

Kept up by the inner turmoil behind the secret, Sheldon pays Penny a visit to discuss Leonard’s positive traits. You know. Because “she was up.” As a fan of homeostasis, he feels the need to inform her she should continue seeing Leonard, regardless of her feelings for him. His words. Though I did have a huge awww moment over Sheldon’s last request. Sometimes Dr. Cooper really pulls through.

On the flipside, near literally, Howard faces the tortures of acting space-chimp. Bernadette suggests the never-fail tactic, berating, “being mean is lame. What’s cool is being nice!” If anything, the attempt could become more Youtube fodder.

Sheldon later prods Leonard to girl-scope with Raj and Stewart, trying to sneakily adjust him to the idea of breaking up with Penny. Unfortunately, he demonstrates his point with another “hulking” allegory.

By the end of the episode, Penny decides to keep things…homeostasis.  
At least it’s cute when she tries, right?


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