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She Could Have Said “Antler”

I try and stay mindful of the other holidays people acknowledge this season, even though I myself celebrate Christmas, by looking for all-inclusivety in our three favorite TV shows and episodes. By a happy accident, this morning someone asked if I remembered Phoebe Buffay’s Central Perk holiday song?

I had. Then I felt possessed to write an article about it.

I actually wouldn’t put it past Phoebe to go up to the nearest mall Santa and ask for Christmas wishes for her friends, as she describes in this little number: Went to the store / Sat on Santa’s lap / asked him to bring my friends / all kinds of crap. Nevertheless, she ends up portraying different customs and holidays in a manner to suit the gang, if not stretching her creativity a bit thin in a few spots.

For those of you missing out on the genius, the song plays as follows. And-a one, two, three!:

[cont.] He said all you need is to write them a song,
They haven’t heard it yet, so don’t try to sing along.
Don’t try to sing along…

Monica, Monica,
Have a happy Hanukkah!
Saw Santa Claus
He said hello to Ross.

And please tell Joey
Christmas will be snowy!
And Rachel and Chandler
Havea—[mumbled jibberish]—andler!

The song may not make your car-ride holiday playlist this season, but I consider it a seasonal sitcom classic nonetheless. There aren’t too many of those! Though as I’ve mentioned before, F.R.I.E.N.D.S and other shows aren’t shy in the Christmas-and-others-special department; and I’m always down for one of Phoebe’s guitar renditions.

Big Bang Theory
Don’t make Santa weary…

Give a stocking stuffer
To How I Met Your Mother…

Oh well. I’m no Phoebe when it comes to writing lyrics. I…tried.


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