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For the Marriage


“You see, I have to play Dungeons and Dragons. For the marriage.”

So begins the Big Bang Theory Christmas special, where our scientists break their Saturday commitments with their significant-others for an “epic” night of Dungeons and dragons. Out of the frying pan, into the fire, am I right?
Kidding, kidding. Though, regardless of which dungeon they choose for the evening, the girls find their own method of retaliation. Sweetness, and Santa, abound.

I can appreciate the nerdy twist CBS gave the seasonal episode. While it didn’t shock me in the slightest Sheldon didn’t care for Christmas, the Yuletide D&D was a nice surprise! Leonard put a lot of care into giving back a game for his friends, a bold act for one without very many, or merry, Christmases themselves.

In the meantime, the ladies (and Raj, for lack of a “resurrection rod”) opted for a “girl’s night, girl’s night!” out on the town in their best and brightest. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I felt the one-on-one moment between Raj and our femme fatales was a long time coming. I about cheered when Penny made the last-minute turn-around.

Despite the unexpected dream-sequence ending (not the series’ first), Sheldon, and a few other cast notables, found their own brand of polishing Christmas cheer. Sheldon revealed why he held Good Claus Santa in such contempt, even through three whole rounds of Good King Wenceslas. Raj learned a lesson while out with the girls in behavior and camaraderie while bonding with Amy over what it means to be alone—and what to look for in “together.”
And Leonard learned the true meaning of Dungeons and Dragons, along with perhaps not opting out on his girlfriend next time.

With just a few more days to the anticipated holidays, and several days into Howard’s Hanukkah, CBS chooses this particular brand of humor to wish you all a safe and sound season of joy.

“It’s a game of the imagination, Leonard. Paint a picture.”
-- Sheldon Cooper, as played by Jim Parsons, multi-nominee for best lead actor in a comedy series!


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  • Jazmin

    the big bang theory sucks and I dont even watch it anroyme cause im soburned out on it from watching the dvds too much and that fucking laughtrack is the most annoying thing ever and if they got rid of it and the alwayspissed off looking and very annoyed cant act to save his freaking life bornin freaking germany johnny galecki then the show would be just perfectbut no they still freaking keep it so im not watching it.and oh yeah johnny galecki looks like penis skin.

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