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HIMYM Top Ten: Moving Truck Names



This weekend, I was directed to a list of names Barney hypothetically would have given Ted Mosby’s moving truck, if he’d moved in with Robin during the second season of How I Met Your Mother. Despite the weaving challenges Barney supposed, and the use of “bro time” as blackmail (though the words “bro” and “fickle” really don’t go together, Barney), Ted and Robin inevitably decide not to move in together. What does that leave us with, besides one imminent option for “the mother” gone?

Unused moving truck names.

I now take full responsibility for sharing the less-than-poignant titles—very Barney, very brash—and wondering, personally: do they hold up to the Bro Code?

In all bashfulness I can’t really share every single one of these names, thank you Internet, but some of the brighter charmers include: #3, the “Esca-laid”; #5, the “Ride Her Truck”, along with #9, the “Pick-Up Truck”; #8, the “Ford Explore Her”.

I wouldn’t put it past Barney to shellac a single one of these on the side of Ted’s moving van. Maybe several at once.

But does the Bro Code forgive his supposed conduct? Let’s see how commandeering Ted’s moving truck, rendering him bachelor and wingman once more, holds up to the tenants of Bro:

Article 1 - Bros before hoes. This obviously serves.

Article 87 - A Bro shall at all times say "yes.” Negative—I’m quite sure Ted     asked Barney to return the truck.

Article 150 - A bro never dates a bro's ex-girlfriend (unless granted   permission). Does…this one count yet? See also Article 75 of Bro.

Slim pickings from what’s been revealed of the ever-elusive bro code (unless you purchase your own here, of course). I’m not sure Barney acted very broski toward Ted, although the long-term effects of the decision turned out for the best. Sometimes I wonder if Barney just plans so well ahead…or if he’s just that talented at “winging.”

Join us tomorrow for the new Big Bang Theory episode. See you there!


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