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Legen--wait for it--merry!



I’ve noticed an HIMYM episode trend lately: funny, funny, funny, leaving the blogger shocked. In the time it took to discover what Marshall, Lilly and Robin were doing in closets, we leapt to the predictable, the problem, and the pleading.

Unless I was the only one pleading: pleading for Barney and Robin to get back together before the end of this series. I still hold hope.

We lead the episode with the overarching problem of Ted Mosby’s things. Or, they would be his things, PROPERTY OF TED MOSBY and all, if they weren’t in the corners of his friend’s apartments and the pockets of Robin’s purses. Rest assured, every pivotal tool and trashcan sports the claim, respected or not.

Speaking of trashcan—an actual trashcan, more to come later—Robin becomes fed up with the Patrice and Borrow-ney’s relationship, determined to get Barney the “help” (she thinks) he needs. Of course, her plan also entails showing Patrice The Playbook; all Barney’s tips and tricks to sleep with women. Thusly, she unscrews the bolts to Barney’s door (screwdriver PROPERTY OF TED MOSBY) and finds her way to all the classic tomes…except The Playbook.
In case anyone was wondering, The Bro Code is beneath the samurai sword cabinet, and David Lee Roth’s autobiography is behind the Carter poster. I know I embraced the news.

Meanwhile, Marshall fields discovering his mother and Mickey, Lilly’s father, began dating over the course of her stay. While he battles with his logic and gag reflex in his closet, we discover Lilly finds refuge from her crowded apartment in Barney’s own…where she runs into Robin, hiding from Barney and Patrice’s very merry tree-decorating date. Hence, the three—the thoroughly grossed-out Marshall, and Robin and Lilly—stuck in well-suited closets.

As for the jaw dropper? Patrice finding The Playbook Robin succeeded in leaving on Barney’s bed…and Barney proving his new leaf by burning it in a trashcan (PROPERTY OF TED MOSBY). I couldn’t believe what he was doing even as I saw the flames rise. What gives? I saw the pages burning, but sensed Barney and Robin’s future burning, instead.

Maybe now Robin would treat Patrice a little better. Or is that asking for too much?


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  • Brian

    Using Google Chrome 8.0.552.237 on Windows XPhehehe.. 1 lagi yang + dari barney adlaah he’s got style..! pake prada, armani, .pake jas dan dasi XD~tapi di antara semuanya saya sebenernya lebih suka marshall he’s huge..enak dipeluk :3 psycho

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