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Turtle Power!


Sheldon might put the "fun" in "funeral," but he didn't kill any of his jokes (or my side-busting) with this new episode of Big Bang Theory. A lot of the cast came together this time, in pairings we don’t often see in the series. Of a more ground-breaking fashion, Howard and Bernadette’s father, his father-in-law. Of a risqué nature, akin to Two Broke Girls, Sheldon and Amy.
Of a gross kind, Howard and “the worm.”

In an effort to find common ground between Howard and his father-in-law, Bernadette proposed a fishing trip between the two. Perhaps they’re not leaves off the same branch, but the “father-and-son” duo have one switch in common: their wives. Even the big-man astronaut gets an accented snap every once in awhile, proving everyone has their shining badge; Howard’s might be his career, and Bernadette’s father’s might be his strength and intimidating nature.

Astronaut training apparently didn’t develop the type of skill and steady hand to hook a worm, however. Sure, keep yourself from getting airsick, but almost lose your lunch over gutting a fish. The “manly” Penny can’t help but acknowledge the friends’ off-kilter variety of support: "Cheerleading. Way to man things up."

Pre-memorial service, Sheldon finds Amy Farrah Fowler sick in a bathrobe and, after some relationship-agreement wheedling, remembers its his duty to take care of his girlfriend (with some uncharacteristically sweet words, I might add). However, Sheldon’s naiveté gets the best of him, as his feel-better methods tend toward the more…physical. As do his punishment methods

But I won’t delve into the juicy details for anyone who hasn’t seen the show yet!  Just leave the article well aware Amy finds herself a particularly speedy recovery, placebos notwithstanding.

I privately hope they go more into Howard’s own family life in later episodes, after his father revelation. Until then, however, be curious about--or rest assured you don’t share—the other brainiacs’ eclectic parents.

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  • Lorranny

    Em Soulmates, achei perfeita essa ide9ia de um encrtnoo entre a Leslie e o Tom, e como dei risada com ela beijando ele no final, hahahaha, uma das melhores cenas da serie. Quanto ao Ron nem tem o que dizer, ele sempre esta perfeito. Hilaria mesmo a explicae7e3o do Tom de pq ela teve um perfil compatedvel com ele, hahaha, pq ele tem ve1rios, hahaha, a cara dele.A cara que a Leslie faz em Jerry’s Painting quando vea a pintura e9 demais, depois ela usando trane7a, nossa ri muito. Achei meio fore7ado a parte do Andy e a April e o Ben tendo que ensinar tudo pra eles, tambe9m ne3o gosto de bagune7a e ne3o consigo ver uma pessoa conseguindo viver naquilo.Quanto ao Eagleton, ainda ne3o vi e ate9 parei sua review quando chegou nele, ente3o nem de1 pra comentar.Concordo com o lance da Rashida Jones ta meio zuada na serie, mas isso eu acho que e9 um problema da atriz, eu nunca achei ela muito engrae7ada, tanta em Parks and Recreation, como em The Office e em Eu te amo, Cara. O humor dela ne3o me agrada.

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