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“If a dude’s gotta wear an apron, why not make it a Dude Apron?”


How enlightening.

Just one of many finds while perusing the internet’s response to How I Met Your Mother’s Brobibs. Brobibs! The bibs hit the net shortly after Monday’s episode air time, leaving aspiring bros like me to puzzle over which to purchase this holiday season: these elegant food-guards, or Barney Stinson’s other notable suitjamas?

When it comes down to the decision—although The 80’s Rapper and Sasquatch are equally tempting, let me tell you—I’m a bit of an originals-follower and would stick to The Classic. “An awesome suit deserves awesome protection. So ‘bib up’ with The Classic—the bib that started it all.”

Yet, even with the gleam of business-casual in my eyes, I had to beg to differ: the lobster bib started it all.

While with an interesting selection, the “preppy” look seemed to be missing from their repertoire. Looking around, I spied something else equally interesting, and much more mysterious: dude aprons.

Dude aprons? There’s a heavily undermined connection here to the original Brobibs website, no matter how much the “company” begs to differ. In fact, they seem to spend a good deal of time talking about Brobibs in the very effort to disparage Barney’s endeavor, in the form of fact-based advertising:

            Fact: Dude Aprons is a versatile spill facilitation device.
            Fact: Brobibs is nothing more than composite “junk” fabric recovered from a Shanghai landfill.”

Ow? Harsh words from the hitherto unknown Dude Apron, Not A Dress LLC. I suspect we’ll be hearing more from the franchise directly. No company can burn this many bibs under Barney Stinson’s nose and get away with it. Or is this another one of the ultimate bro’s genius covers?

No pun intended.

I’ll wait patiently like the rest of you, puzzling over all these options and wondering where else I can craft a bib of my own.


  • Tomasz

    Tiffany, the cat-and-poodle apron rocks, especially with the deicuiols combination of turquoise and pink. I love your pink dresser, too, it’s the perfect ice-creamy shade of pink.Happy belated birthday on my 35th, I went to the mall and had a nice photo taken for my husband, Mr. Vintage. Like you, I was bubbling with energy and celebrating everything about my 30s. You have a lot to look forward to, lol my 40s were even better and the first few years of my 50s have brought some delightful surprises, plus the joys of having adult children (hey, they can run errands, pick up a bottle of wine, and even drive me places, while I’m still young enough to get out of the car and walk when we arrive )Victoria

  • Anjali

    wow and I thought my coco rice (enviro kids) & brown rice vegan spiklrnz covered crispies were the bomb, you go and make them into stars and chocolate dip them and put them on a stick!!! impressive! I’m going to totally copy that for 4th of July!

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