“I…I can’t do this.” - HIMYM Episode Recap



This episode felt a little in-the-wind for me (no, not going to make an awful Brad pun here), but I did appreciate the brand-new addendums to the gang’s regular shenanigans. I think these have their rightful spots in HIMYM history: the “Stamp of Approval,” Dishwalla, Doctor X, college days. And apparently, Barney’s hitherto, but perhaps assumable, association with strip clubs.
But we’ll get to that later.

Barney self-fived himself through a clever run of strip-club hunting, once the Lusty Leopard shut its clientele and left Barney to consider his other, local options. While he did go with another front-runner, he discovered a lot about himself along the way. One: that even heartless-he is susceptible to charity and the well-meaning hearts of the elderly. As is Robin. Two: that he’s the LeBron of strip clubs New York-over. Three: That Robin isn’t ready to re-progress with their relationship, even though he’s clearly still in love with her.

Wait. That’s not funny. That’s really, really sad. Excuse me while I find a new Kleenex box.

 Onto Ted and Lily, where Lily proves she beat Ted at his own “Stamp of Approval” game, contrary to his rickety memory. Glad he kept his Doctor X tapes (despite their record of Ted’s “uncool” college years); otherwise, his recollections would have been shaky enough to ignore his only, yet most important, SoA: convincing Marshall to keep seeing Lily in the first place. Nailed it, Ted.

 Marshall finally gets a cliffhanger in his own right this episode, where reuniting with his former friend Brad leaves him in the courtroom dust—with his distrustful boss. The next episode means the difference between the best career move of Marshall’s life (that we know of) and returning home unemployed. The rest simply remains to be seen.

 I want Marshall to pull through, as I’m sure the rest of you do, too, but I am curious about what life will bring him without the restraints of an office…and a new baby to boot. Will we see a bit of Barney and Robin revival? Will Ted toss those Doctor X tapes after all?

Until next Monday, and a happy Thanksgiving from How I Met Your Mother!



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