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Fans Talk: “The One With Ross’s Tan”



On the days I feel like I’m suffering from more F.R.I.E.N.D.S withdrawal—I know, I know, ‘don’t you suffer every day from F.R.I.E.N.D.S withdrawal?’—I comb social media websites and see which episodes fans love best. Today, oddly enough, the not-so-hidden Season 10, Episode 3 gem kept sifting out of the mud: The One With Ross’s Tan.
Half-tan. “The eight.” Mississippi’s rating went down in the course of a half-hour time slot.


Worker: “You got two more two’s?”

Ross: “I am an eight!

Ross tries, and fails, to achieve Monica’s lustrous spray-tan glow this episode, nor does he properly copy the tanning-bed worker’s own skin tone. When he asked what darkness the worker used used, the worker dryly replied, “Puerto Rican.”

At first showing off his error, Ross then spends the remainder of the episode in seclusion—only to venture out one more time, in the hopes of evening out the bronze, and coming upon a double-sided booth.

Ross’s skin faded right as rain come next episode. At least the tan was of the spray variety, nothing as harsh as a potential tanning-bed mishap.


Worker: “Alright, Mr. Geller, right this way! So, how dark do you wanna be? We have one, two, or three.”

Ross: “Well…I like how you look, what are you?”

Worker: “Puerto Rican.”

Ross: “Two, I think a two.”


Fans weren’t holding their breath Mississippi-counting to weigh their opinions on this episode, however. The head-nods runs as follows:

“Okay I'm going to tell you flat out straight. Ross was extremely hilarious in this episode. He spray tanned by six twos and became a twelve on one side and a zeros on the other.”

-- Seabono12


"How do you count to 5?" "1,2,3..." "Damn it!"”

-- Seriesguy3998


“Insanely orange.”

-- Abiteddyluv



I bid adieu with my favorite quote from the episode:


            Ross: “Go away! I don't want to see anybody.”                            

Chandler: “I know, I went to the tanning place and the same thing happened to me. You have to let me in.        “
Ross: “Really? Did you count Mississipily?...Dude, you’re not tanned.”
Chandler: “No, I just had to get a picture of this.”



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