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Not All Love and Games



    Listing Lilly’s entire brainchild, 50 Reasons to Have Sex, would take my full word count and then some—the actual list can be found here. Because the fabulous full-scale poster doesn’t place the context of this McClaren’s catalogue, I’ll defend the right to the list without mentioning once the conundrum of “the naked man.” Save that for another article.

     Although, while Robin defended her right for sex against Marshall’s inferior-than name calling, I’d like to point out Marshall fell trap a strong impression when his secretary club forced him into watching The Notebook. This may not be a very fair assessment, however; I don’t know anyone personally that wasn’t arm-twisted into watching The Notebook at least once.

     Running to Robin’s aid, Lilly then touted she could name at least fifty reasons one could have sex—from the “logical” and practical, to the extreme. Marshall’s true love naïveté might have been rudely awakened—though judging by their newborn son, Lilly might have been all the awakening he needed.

 (I should note, because there was no #51, she can technically drop ‘at least’ from her claim. Still, 50 is an impressive feat for bar-napkin scrawl.)

     The “reasons,” if not more like “excuses,” range from the opportune to the timed to the spontaneous. Many options focus on a “win.” Might I point out #19: “Celebrate major victory by favorite team and/or political candidate?” A more gruesome take, #26, reads: “Celebrating the joy of life after a near-death experience.” 

    In other words, YOLO.

     Every other option, besides those including a “new” something, “old” something, or procrastinating—especially as the list stretches on—could make a few viewers raise their eyebrows. Or laugh uncomfortably. 

    #33: “Keeping up with the neighbors.” 

    #37: “They have air conditioning and you don’t.” 

    #41: “Because she looks like your super hot cousin and this is the closest it’ll ever get to being okay.”

     I’m not sure I’ll find any of the above on The Notebook, though the gang certainly didn’t need a notebook to come up with fifty reasons to have sex.


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