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Splitsville - Episode Recap (Season 8 Episode 6)

Architects not fixing, lawyers not managing, people both breaking and reassembling connections. Or, more like, makeups and breakups. Splits.

Banana splits.

However you want to string together this episode’s key events, a few highlights made me laugh too loudly for the time of night. Pretty sure I almost threw my computer mid-sentence a couple times.

Lilly started the show with the makings of a Reasons Not To Have Sex list, the two starters being 1. Taking care of a baby and 2. Having a pulled groin ligament. Never mind minor-league basketball, pay more attention to Nadia and her pet snake.

Nick and Robin’s conflicts come to a head, a paycheck, and a confession, by the end of the half-hour. Now that Nick is all bark and no bite, Robin realizes his bark lacks more than a little substance. Barney gives her this ultimatum: break up with Nick that evening, before his injury heals, or he’ll send an automated invite to her feared stalker/fangirl/co-worker Peatrice.

I personally was overjoyed by Peatrice’s cameo. While I pitied the worker initially, I can sympathize with Robin after hearing the woman’s excitable phone call at the end of the episode—you can imagine her voice practically before she opens her mouth.

Do I sense a Barney and Robin couple-reunion on the horizon?! I kept going back and forth and, like Robin, thought Barney sounded a little too convincing for his own good, despite all his impassioned-speech practicing.

We concluded the “autumn of breakups” with the T-Squares, Splitsville, time management skills, and the still-stunning feat of Marshall bending a metal bar with his hands. He may have finally found quality time with Lily, but I’d be the last to make him stop his workouts. Nice change, family man.

“But I could not stop loving [Robin] any more than I can stop breathing.”

-- Actual words from the mouth of Barney Stinson

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