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Fun With Flags - Episode Recap


Amy: “It’s called ‘Fun With Flags.’ They’re not at half-mast, nobody died, let’s keep it upbeat.”

Pretty sure Sheldon’s web-based show (does anyone else recall an earlier reference to the breakthrough?) could have been a suitable title for this episode, with a few tweaks. Fun With Sheldon. Fun With Moving. Fun With Tea.

Amy might be neurotic and uptight, but she doesn’t hold her ground dating Sheldon Cooper for nothing. Sheldon fails (in true Texas fashion) to defend her honor the first time when she and Will Wheaton argue over directing. He later fraternizes with the enemy, while remaining characteristically oblivious of Amy’s mood. When he does eventually lament to Penny about the situation—and when chamomile tea fails to calm his nerves, so Penny recommends tea of the “Long Island” variety—a boost of reality and alcohol-blood levels give him the kick in the pants he needs to fight for his “lady-folk.” Not so much for retaining his dinner.

Meanwhile, Howard Wolowitz finally moves out of his mother’s house. At first. After spending the episode going back and forth between his anxiety and Bernadette’s understandable insistence, I found myself shocked to see the gutted second floor bedroom. Then, touched when I heard the magic trick story and truth behind his attachment to his mother. She needed him like he needed her.

I’m not sure whether or not Howard will stay out of the next for good, or whether Sheldon’s learned not to take tea advice (though he’s free to take girl advice) from Penny, but I found myself pretty sure of tonight’s quotables:


Amy: “I’m mad at you, Sheldon.”
Sheldon: “Hmm. Eat one of your Luna bars.”


Howard: “She patted me on the back and I happened to burp.”


Penny:  “[Long Island iced tea has] calmed the pants off me a couple times.”


Sheldon: “[Amy’s] a unique blend of Saint and squirrel.”


Sheldon: “I’ll tell you…I’m from Texas. Need I say more?”



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