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Guess the Ep: Classic Comebacks, version BBT


If you haven’t perused the Cool TV Props shop for any gift ideas recently—you really should, if not—then you haven’t seen any of the quotes from the Big Bang Theory’s “Comebacks from Sheldon and the C-Men” poster. And this can, for once, help you now: we’re about to play a little game.

Are you a big (bang) enough fan to guess the episode from the following quips? We’re about to find out. Here are some of the highlights from the poster, now available in the store:

Q:  “12 years after high school and I’m still at the nerd table.”

A:  Season 4, Episode 10—The Alien Parasite Hypothesis.

Sheldon and the gang are discussing which radioactive animal they’d rather become in the event of a lab accident.

Q: “But you love your spot.” “No. I love my mother. My feelings for my spot are much greater.”

A: Season 4, Episode 7—The Apology Insufficiency

Sheldon makes Howard apologize to him in the school cafeteria by giving him his “spot” on the couch. The couch cushion was “merely symbolic.”

Q: “I’d make fun of Sheldon for having girl problems if I wasn’t in shock that Sheldon has girl problems.”

A: Season 5, Episode 19—The Weekend Vortex

Sheldon is searching in vain for a gift suitable for a birthday party. A 93-year-old-woman’s birthday party. He had no success at the model train store, nor Radio Shack.

Q: “Hey, why am I in charge of phone support? Seems a bit racist.”

A: Season 4, Episode 12—The Bus Pants Utilization

The apartment, plus Penny, sit down to develop a new phone app. Sheldon puts Raj in charge of customer service, a position he indignantly shoots down.

Was it just “randomization,” or was Season 4 simply loaded with funnier comebacks than all the others? Any other fans have a different favorite season? Here’s to waiting to see if the current run maintains the hallmark.


  • Luis

    I have mixed feelings about this book. It s prttey enjoyable, and I love reading and rereading it. It s also my favorite from the series cause it’s the most romantic out of them all (imo) and I m a hopeless romantic. However when i analyze it, it isn’t really that good. Most of the characters are prttey interesting/original in some way or another (the lead character, for once, isn’t the shy and insecure freak/loner/etc bella swan, lee fiora, mia thermopolis, bianca from evernight, the list could go on and on forever) and yet they are not enough explored for my taste. stefan is a prttey good character, however, I d probably like him better if he didn t remind me of a watered-down version of the swoony simon from silver kiss (i don’t like edward cullen, btw. his character is too fake?) and the monster-in-me shit is kind of getting old. damon is my favorite, but he could be so much more. the book feels too short, like things happen too fast. the so-called love triangle that the cover promotes never happens elena is always sure of her love for stefan, at least in this book. Unlike twilight, where there are lots of funny/witty/lovable quotes, this book doesn’t have that type of things it’s more of a serious book. don’t get me wrong, i loved this book on its own right, but a bit more humor and character interaction would have made it even better.

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  • Jazmin

    That’s exactly right Barbara, i was tiknhing that too! Stefan still made Damon drink. Love Kristen’s reviews! I don’t like the idea of Delena. Maybe Elena’s cousing or something comes to town and Damon falls for her (just an idea) but not Elena. Klaus, what an ass!!! he is sooooo evil. I hope Damon and Bonnie and the crew release the originals and then the fight is on! I don’t like the fact that stefan has an addiction issue and is not in control of himself but will be interesting to see his bad boy side. Damon does a better job of being a bad boy though. Love that Jeremy may have some supernatural powers! I hope it’s something cool, not just that his dead ex’s are attached to him. An Ric is awesome, loved that he stayed over with Jeremy and you could tell that jeremy was glad he did, especially since jenna is gone. I don’t like Katherine, hope she dies but she will be a interesting twist in the stefan situation. Want Elijah back! Love tyler and want to see him more and hope he and caroline get together. I hoped damon would become a hybrid somehow and be able to kick Klaus’ ass, but maybe tyler and caroline will make a hybrid (LOL!). Can’t wait for next season.

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