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Recap: The Middle Earth Paradigm

by Amanda Drum

This is Halloween, this is Halloween…though the inspiration for more sitcom fun (and one last All Hallows Eve article before I turn in the cape) came from a Big Bang Theory rerun reminding me why I started watching the show: the Middle Earth Paradigm. AKA, the season 1 Halloween special. It may not be Thursday (though I’ll be right back where it all started tomorrow, too), but I have to share my love for this particular episode favorite.

 Getups let the characters’ true geekiness shine. Up to now, we’d heard them talk the talk; in this episode, they walk the walk. First, they all dress up as The Flash before agreeing upon different costumes for Penny’s party. I’m beyond how they came up with so many options, so quickly—unless we’re supposed to assume they had their choices stuffed in their closets somewhere. Though, I suppose there IS evidence to the latter: we see Sheldon use the same Flash outfit come New Years several episodes (and seasons) later, and a certain sister comments more than once on Koothrappali’s own costuming habits.

 More than that tangent, this is the first episode where, much to Leonard’s suspicions, we see a true milestone in his and Penny’s future relationship. He stands his ground to Kurt, her ex, in a manner much-reflecting how he “rolls in the shire.” It isn’t the bravest thing to lift up a hobbit for show of strength; it takes guts to tell a girl you like to stop kissing you, just because she’d been drinking. Good on you, Leonard!

 And how about a point for Raj; he finally gets his despite his social anxiety. I suppose Halloween would be the day for the unexpected…no matter the circumstances.

 Whose costume was your favorite? Whose was your favorite since? Or, if anyone read the articles prior, which character would YOU go as for Halloween—or which costume would you rather steal? 


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