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The Best of Bazinga

I’ve been keeping a secret from you all…one I’m shocked I could conceal for so long.

 The truth is: I’m actually not a huge Big Bang Theory fan. It’s not that funny.


 All opportunities for a terrible joke aside, more gut-splitting Big Bang Theory moments often come from the science-and-comedic relief, Dr. Sheldon Cooper. And then, when they do, they usually feature the tag line “Bazinga!” Some of you casual fans or curious readers might be curious about “Bazinga’s,” and how one uses a “Bazinga.”

 The truth is—the actual truth is—we just don’t know. Sheldon uses the phrase to mean “just kidding!” He might say, “I deeply respect archeological research…bazinga,” or, “A Ph.D in Literature does make you a doctor…bazinga!

 The majority of my own attempts slosh compared to what Dr. Cooper cranks out on a regular basis; let’s look at some of the stronger highlights:

 “I’ve always wanted to go to a gothic nightclub. Bazinga.”

 -- Sheldon while commenting on Howard’s attire and another of his attempts to impress an eclectic girl.

 “Your shoes are delightful…where did you get them? Bazinga—I don’t care.”

 -- This seems to be another comment to Howard’s intriguing fashion choices. I’m noticing a trend here.

 Or, my personal favorite:

 “You can try, but you’ll never catch me. Bazinga…bazinga…bazinga!”

 -- Breaking this one down, Sheldon, in an overworked craze of research, breaks into a kid’s arcade and commandeers the ball pit. When Leonard descends to “drag him out,” Sheldon says the following, and jumps around the ball pit a la whack-a-mole, crying “bazinga” each time he surfaces. I really can’t make these up on my own.

 To create just a little more “dig” to his quips, Sheldon lastly points out the ineptitude of the listener for not catching him in a more obvious joke: “And you don’t ever see my practical jokes coming, do you?”

 Well…do you? 


  • Veso

    You do deserve cituranglatoons. You’re both scathing and fun, and you win a trifecta with bone-deep anti-communism, which seems omitted from the TV show, at least in the scenes that I’ve seen online. Yes, your genius counts too, and please keep on being educational and, for example, elaborating your philosophy-of-science perspective. A kind of duality between simplicity and likeliness which you’ve discussed is interesting and I’ve been meaning to ask you whether you hit upon it yourself or is it common wisdom of some kind (unknown to amateur me of course).

  • Alexandr

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