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It’s All Going To Be…

Halloween’s just one week away, everyone! But if you’re any sort of Barney Stinson, according to my list of How To Be Barney Stinson, you have a costume and plans ready for the coming Saturday before, and a hot spot for Wednesday night. But don’t let that slow you down! What are you going to do about the other 364 days of the year? You can afford to look and feel like Barney—and all his aliases—if you just reminded everyone you meet how you’re “legen…wait for it…dary!” 

(Making them actually wait to find out is not recommended.)

In short, be blunt, and check out the Legendary t-shirt. Own Stinson. Live the Stinson lifestyle. Be Stinson.


Now let’s backtrack a little bit and recall the source of the iconic phrase, along with its cousin (and my personal favorite) “de…wait for it…lightful!”

The blunt bachelor made series cliffhanger-history by ending season two, as dutiful fans are well aware, with just the line: “It will be legen—wait for it—”

And no “—dary!” to follow. At least, not until the opening line of the season three premiere episode.

Now, it probably doesn’t take two Einsteins to figure out what Barney was about to say—but who likes unfinished business? Certainly not the ever-patient How I Met Your Mother fan…still waiting to discover the identity of the girl with the yellow umbrella! And certainly not any surefire Halloween goer that wants to keep his inner, legendary Barney Stinson alive for 364 more days out of the year.

Unfortunately, the t-shirt doesn’t come with all of the legendary-catchphrase adjustments. That’d require a whole other wardrobe of clothes.

Send the shop a personal request if you ever have the need for a tee that reads: "It's gonna be legen — wait for it—and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is DARY!"

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  • Madeline

    Look at black guy’s hands and especially thubms at 0:45. They are located in a such a way that is becomes clear that the real person is behind and below the table.Also, notice that his head does not move most of the time and that he does not rise his hands.Only his hands a real, but the whole upper part including the head and neck is a fake. The real guy is a little shorter (not a midget) and much thinner than the costume we see. He enters and leaves the frame of the costume from behind.

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