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The Ducky Tie


Why should you buy a Ducky tie? 

10. You aspire to be Barney Stinson

9. Nothing says you are fun and cool like this tie

8. get a Ducky tie

7. Your __(anybody that you actually care about)_______ wants you to get it

6. It's so you..chill and funny!!

5. Who loves HIMYM? all the ladies do

4. It's $5 off NOW!!

3. Only 6 days till Halloween

2. It is an obvious choice, who can rock this ducky tie at least as well as Barney...YOU DUH!

1. Because you know you want to... 

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  • Ross Dingwall

    I live in the UK and was wondering if I ordered the Barney Stinsson ducky tie today would it arrive by Saturday?

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