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Latest BBT Episode Recap - " The Re-entry Minimization "

by Amanda Drum 

Every episode recap, I take down a list of my favorite quotes. Among this episode’s highlights are:

            “You had a good run, Fake Wolowitz!”

            “Nothing with Quarks.”

            “Casper, the alcoholic ghost?”

            “No good, Sheldon doesn’t float.”

And my personal favorite,

            “You’re either gonna stick your face in that pie, or I’m gonna stick that pie in your face?”

Which reminds me: who else likes to see Leonard a little bit…angry?

The Big Bang theory didn’t disappoint and certainly didn’t leave us hanging with six miles to go. It started off with the rattle and crash of a pod coming into orbit—literally!

Between making sad faces over Howard dancing around from place to place upon his less-than-warm welcome home (more on that later), I can say about half his misfortune depended on his friends’ rudeness. Half depended on Bernadette’s sudden illness. We all know what it feels like to be struck with a sudden cold—or worse—on the eve of a huge event. We needed something relatable strung into the show; not everyone can empathize with a “boy-sized hero” returning from orbit!

Raj offended less than the other five, though he did the most to pique my curiosity: what’s the deal between him and Fake Wolowitz? We all know he and Stuart Sussman hit it off since the premiere episode, but how far does their new friendship take them? Something to sink your teeth into for next week.

That, along with the the “boys vs. girls” competition! Besides how shocked I was when they turned away our home-again rocket man, I laughed the hardest during Penny and Sheldon’s wrestling performance. I would elaborate…but I think I like leaving the scene vague, for anyone that HASN’T seen the episode yet, a little bit better.

All I know is, Howard’s friends better have a huge apology waiting, and soon. Can’t wait for next Thursday! Be thinking about your Big Bang Theory Christmas gifts—we start when Hallmark starts!



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