Recap: The Re-entry Minimization

 What happened? 

Howard's back from space but realizes how many things have changed in his life. The Boys (Sheldon and Leonard) vs. Girls (Amy and Penny) game night sure had some funny moments. These couple sure can make the audience light up like Christmas and of course, the Girls won all competitions. Raj and Stuart moved in together and Howard said, "At least my mother had her boyfriend climb outside of the window." Oh, Howard!! how we missed your snarky little attitude. 

Cutest moments: Bernie receiving Howard from the airport. And Sheldon being wrestled by Penny (receiving kisses).

Awkward moments: Howard's mother actually had a boyfriend over and the triangle love of Raj, Stuart, and Howard.

Overall, It may not be hero's welcome for Howard but it sure was humorous welcome back for us.


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