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My Mother Had Me Tested

 by Amanda Drum

…Not me personally, no. Though my own mother did question my more curious childhood antics. She called me “special” loads of times; should I have been concerned?

Regardless, Sheldon Cooper (a proper mad scientist) spits out the now-famous tag line in moments where he flashes more outrageous colors than normal. And no, this has nothing to do with his state after drinking. Mooning an audience of scientists at a conference didn’t lead to him attesting his own sanity.

Of course, I’m only talking about the catch phrase, “I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested!

Which prompted my near-immediate question: tested how?

The first time he professed he wasn’t insane—clinically, at least—we waited on the edge of our seats through the canned studio laughter, wondering when he’d whip around and say, Bazinga! He…didn’t. He meant his words, and no amount of OCD habits and rituals could be used as evidence for the other.

Then again, you recall scenes, like where Leonard chased him around a ballpit in the dead of night, and you wonder if Dr. Cooper really is completely honest.

I guess the only remaining question—ignoring the obligatory, “how MANY times has your mother had you tested?”—would be if he’s crazy regardless? Or is he just “Sheldon?”

Does his loveseat spot-claiming render him dropped on his head as a child? Or his affinity for felines in times of high stress (who can forget Zazzles, the “zazzy” cat)? His Roommate Agreement? Perhaps, knock-knock-knock-Penny?

But after listing his more definable quirks and taking a step back, I can only attest that Sheldon Cooper is, while annoying at least once per episode, still one of my favorite cast members. Sure, he “may not be crazy” because his mother had him “tested.” But if he did sport a few loose bolts…I’m not sure I’d love him any less.

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  • Danielle

    Amazing stuff!!..that scene when Rob shot his own hand was awesome..Rob’s actnig was superb!..I will go again to see Cosmopolis for the 3rd time!!!Eric Packer here I come..taking another slow ride in his Limo:)..Hugs & *wavesto all my Favs Friends who visit RPL!!!!

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