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Who wants to be a GodParent ?

 by Amanda Drum

 Welcome to, How I Met Your Mother: Who Wants to be a Godparent recap! I am your host, Cool TV Props Blogger (“Blogger” for short), and I’ll get started after this word from our sponsors!

 …Right then. Here is…the first question.

 Question 1: How did Barney Stinson show up dressed to Marshall’s door?

 Oh, I’m sorry, the answer was not Arnie Linson. The answer would be…as a bus driver. Although, I’m not sure this would be a couth enough bus driver to take Marshall and Lilly’s kid to school, much less inform them how his parents “died.” Bring on the trips to Amsterdam!

 Question 2: What does Ted Mosby use to explain…anything?

 That’s right! Robin wins this round--again. The answer was, using Professor Infosaurus. Beat-boxing hand puppet aside, I have to say I felt for the little guy. Or maybe just Ted’s current offspring, who have had to sit through many of the dinosaur’s squeaky sermons, I’m sure.

Does anyone else secretly want one around? No?

I guess we’re lucky enough as it is that Ted doesn’t share the story of how he met his future wife in THAT fashion.

 LIGHTNING ROUND: Which decision does Lilly and Marshall make at the end?

 Ooh…trick question! Fortunately, you were both right: they revoked the 8-or-higher rule and made Ted, Robin, and Barney the Godparents. Lilly and Marshall were determined as ever to keep the love in the family—and the friendships. How sweet. Now everybody go, awwww.

 After I tore myself from the screen, thoughts of Professor Infosaurus, or having Ted be the one to give me ice cream with no sprinkles—okay, sprinkles—I have to say I’m a fan of the episode with the most antics so far. Stay tuned for more to come from Cool TV Props, and maybe an update on future Christmas gift ideas for your Manhattanite.

 Blogger, out!

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