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Big Bang Theory Recap - The Higgs-Boson Observation

 The Higgs-Boson Observation: A.K.A, Froggie Wants to Come Home!

The axis to this episode may have been Dr. Cooper, but I only felt sorry for the mute-as-ever Raj.
Sheldon’s new assistant, Alex—that he ‘may not have noticed’ was a pretty, female grad student—helped him sift through his childhood “journals” for the half-hour, in search of something he’d previously researched that could spark his own fast-track to the Nobel Prize…or right onto Amy Farrah Fowler’s hit-list. So she made it appear, bursting through Sheldon’s office door like a girl with an AHA-genda.
…I won’t pun anymore this article, I promise.

While Penny and Amy thanked genetics that Alex wasn’t a Mandrill, Howard stayed preoccupied with his own space-woes—not one of which included his clot of facial hair. Between his inclining paranoia and gravity-separation-anxiety, I finally pitied the astronaut, although I felt a little amused by the end-credits stress relief. Worth the thirty minutes anticipation?

 And finally, Raj. Poor Raj. I think I made the same sentiment over and over.

            “The nurse was a woman, so he couldn’t talk to her.” – Leonard

Though, his social issues didn’t keep me from laughing over his love quirks. You’ll find the right girl one day, Koothrappali!

The episode left me puzzling over two things: the mysterious assistant and the state of Leonard and Penny’s relationship. Two sides of Penny’s brain may be wracking, but it’s clear Penny isn’t done with Leonard just yet. And does the end of the episode leave anything to be desired? Not only that—where did Alex learn to flatter Sheldon, and why? I didn’t buy her, "It's not flattery…if it's truth?" line. It remains to be seen whether she pulled an Amy and started marking her territory early. All for next time.

 Episode highlight?

"Look at this face. How can any woman spend eight hours alone with this face and not fall in love with it?" – Amy
Tell you what; I need that picture in my wallet. Merchandise ideas!

 Tune in for How I Met Your Mother, next Monday at 8 p.m. Who else saw the pre-episode trailer?


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