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How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Episode 3 - Nannies

by Amanda Drum 

The mother-mystery notwithstanding, we bank a father and a Nanny in the same program—unless you’re Barney Stinson, in which you get the attention of quite a few babysitting twenty-something’s. Yet, I don’t think many will be complaining about the lima-bean-serving Mrs. Buckminster, especially if you went ahead and looked up the OTHER nanny options on

 (No, really, check out the website before they update their information!)

Right away I knew everyone would latch onto the “Bangtoberfest” merch and t-shirt cannon. Who are we kidding? We might have plenty of merchandise, but we take better delivery care than shooting shirts into Ted Mosby’s lap.  How are you supposed to market, “This Assignment’s Really Not That Personal,” anyway?

Lily and Marshall might have endured a ha-aloha-burning nanny search…over and over…but anyone who’s had a childhood with the amiable Mary Poppins fell in love with the demure, proper Buckminster. I had a few reservations—what didn’t she tell Marvin’s parents?—though I decided in the end to save my judgments for the end credits. I…received the same surprise as the rest of the viewers for all my valiant efforts.

Culminating all the “burns”—burning searches, burning relationships, and burning eyes if you wrapped up with Barney Stinson—I found a favorite moment in Lily and Barney’s scene together. A parent’s flaws may charge through the door headfirst, with or without their suitcase, but those vices make their strengths shine all the brighter once they take your son to the park and sterilize all the bottles.

After the season of numerous breakups so far, I felt a little better seeing the characters come together and find their stride. Don’t mind me, I’ll spend the rest of the week anticipating the episode 4 title, “Who Wants to Be A Godparent?” and wishing I had Mrs. Buckminster to cook my dinners at night.


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