Recap: HIMYM

The Pre-Nup: It sure wasn't a disappointment. And I, personally was very happy to hear Barney say, "Legend waitforit Dary" in this episode (you know you can get the shirt here). Each couple dealing with their own problems aka The Autumn of Breakups. But they all came together to work out their problems made this episode so much better. Unfortunately, this was end of Barney & know what that means we are getting so much closer to the wedding (and seeing the mother). 

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  • Rafaella

    Awesome double/ lenogr review, thanks. LOVED the Nan police, me too I am super Duper SyFy and it just fits perfect the whole scene was a syfy lover come true and we didn’t talk about that Ginger was the one who brought the news, with a David-Lynch going to the dark-side scream. Ginger was back. Something that I start to appreciate after watching so many movies is that some characters, specially the one liners ones, work better in short period of time, the master of that is Almodovar ( I know i would never expected True Blood and Almodovar in the same sentence) but in t Almodovar movies when those wacky actors that we love, have to much time on screen it doesn’t work I don’t know why, so I think Ginger and Franklin are two versions of that statement, and is true he did terrible things to Tara even worst than Maryann which really never harmed Tara and I agreed with pterion Tara got her chance/Jason got his chance, it was perfect, no around the bushes. Love everything you said and now I am wondering if Russell would be part of SPOILER the Witch-War so if you add Hallow and Russell in that war oh! Boy Hell will break loose. Bring it on! I hope they do justice when casting Hallow, I wish was Milla Jovovich (I know, sorry I like her a lot ), I don’t get how the best casting director right now the TB one, did that to Claudine, I mean the cast of True Blood is flawless; I will give the benefit of the doubt. Crystal Meth, I actually like her and because I know by the books what she probably is and how she will end, I think she fits the part, lets see. Well is getting to long so I know everybody loved the Tiffany/Weather line BUT is so easy to pick up that end as the best one, ( I don’t think it was, TB works on cliffhangers, that one was a very long term one) and to close why nobody, only one girl in Twitter has nailed the best line of this E9? Lafayette to Jesus: I want to know who was the twisted MotherF **ker that ordered a veggie burger with Bacon! Love the interaction of Sookie-Hadley-Hunter, was really good in my opinion and Sookie with Hunter was so in the moment, a very difficult scene to play and it was great. Thanks JRoth for the double review. Sharing like always

  • Permata

    Mrs. Simms played a woman that Barney was inettrseed in dating back during season one, I believe. I wonder why they didn’t just find a new actress to play the part instead of recycling past actors? lol

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