Top show?

Chicago Tribute says CBS's top show of thursday was "The Big Bang Theory" which scored more viewers compare to all the other shows. It must be great to be part of BBT gang. If you ask Sheldon, he would say "Top show? it's like saying 73 is just an another number." 

PS: who is waiting to watch HIMYM tonight? Let us know on FB or Twitter :)


  • Camila

    just because im a fan of a wwe sastrpeur doesn’t mean im a fan of the wwe company. I mean i like the wwe i dont like it as much as i used too. wwe used to be just like this now it’s a little kids playground. they can barely cut promos. the only exciting things that happened this year was the rock returning and the whole conspiracy thing well kinda. but either wwe isnt the same as it was back in the day regardless of ratings

  • Auth

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