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Have you seen this?

I know....I know I should do blogs on other shows than just How I Met Your Mother.  

But this is last post about HIMYM for a week--I swear (unless there is news you really need to know about ;) ) 

Have you seen our newest product for HIMYM? Are you excited? Have you ordered yours yet? 

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  • Gabriela

    I’ve always found it esaier to look at grades in the additive way. In Venezuela we grade over 20 points (you pass with 10) and we never translate it to letters, so averages don’t really work well for us. If you want to know what your grade is at some point you just add whatever your results have been so far and think of it as “I have earned 10 points of 15 that have been evaluated”. In that case, you know that you can probably never get those 5 points back.People who are struggling to reach that 10 in order to pass are masters of the additive way of looking at grades – they don’t care about averages, they just want to earn enough points to survive.

  • Anastasia

    How cool. Must feel nice. By the way, I saw your brief plug of Kevin Carson in the new Liberty. Nice to see him mentioned in print.-Dain/Mupetblast

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