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Chandler and Joey, created Bromance and led all of us through this revolution. They are not just buds because they understand each other through "grunt," have each other back from psycho Girlfriends to other roommate, apt. plumber, within friends, the guy from gym and so many others. The bromance was so sweet and genuine, we all wished our best friend would be awesome as Joey/Chandler. 

Thanks to Chandler and Joey, we were able to witness Marshall and Ted. Their bromance may not be as strong as C&J but the amount of years they have been friends show greater bromance between Marshall and Ted.

And then there's Howard and Raj, they took bromance to the next level and made bromance--let's honest a little creppy. The amount of time they spend with each other to things they do together--it all gets a little to creepy. Nevertheless, these shows never fails us to make us the end isn't that the point?


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